Saturday, January 07, 2006

Play us a song, Mr. Piano-Man.

Buzz Bee Toys (hk) has created a wonderful "baby classics piano" which Indy really enjoys. We picked it up at wal-mart yesterday. It has 8 keys which play a full octave with just his touch. If he presses the piano symbol it will play a nice Mozart Melody.

I love it because I think it makes him look Shroeder from the old Peanuts cartoon strip.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a terrific toy! Mozart!! Beautiful...and Indy hets to play, too!!! Music has been so very important in my life that I think it's wondderful when kids can be introduced to an instrument so early...just to expand the Auditory Horizons!!! (Does Indy ever take a BAD picture??? LOL..I don't think so...)
Ahhhh. I've had my Indy fix for this hour!

Ivy said...

Hi! Michele sent me..

I can't get over just how cute he is! I love visiting because he is such a ham! The piano is really cute!

Juggling Mother said...

Oh,I Like that one - it actually looks piano-like. All the ones I have (yes, we have aquired a few over the years) are multi-cloured/pictures etc.

Here from Michle today.

mar said...

he is just so cute! such a happy baby. And I love the Peanuts too! I don't have a cat... so I do not know what kind the pictured cat is... via Michele's this time!

kate said...

How adorable is he?

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be back again!


Grandma and Grandpa Wood said...

Hey Indy, KEEP it up!! Music is a special talent. Sounds like you have the,"SPECIAL EAR". When your Uncle Jacob was a baby and older, we played Mozart,Tchaikovsky,Brahms,Bach and many other different types of music for him when he went to bed. He still to this day has to have music to sleep by! He has turned out to be a wonderful musician! You are started in the right direction,too. Thank you to your Mom and Dad in seeing that and supporting it! Have a fun day,Indy!
Love Grandma and Grandpa Wood

sophie said...

I'm doing the Snoopy dance right now! Michele sent me.

craziequeen said...

He's definitely a little Shroeder

and get that sexy Indiana Jones music on your blog! :-)

Here via Michele

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Whatever happened to the tradition of giving children a drum set?

~Cathy~ said...

How cute!! Maybe you have a future Mozart on your hands!!

Michele sent me tonight!

David said...

here from michele - what a big boy!