Thursday, January 12, 2006

Someone to Watch Over Me!

This isn't the best picture of Indy, but i liked the way his Dad's Army photograph showed up on the wall behind him, like his Dad is watching over him.

We were pretty busy this day. I had to babysit both the neighbors little girl and Zac for a couple hours while Zac's regular babysitter went on some errands. Later in the day we took Indy's aunt Moo shopping to all the local department stores while we searched for a video game called guitar hero. We had no luck finding it, but the hunt continues.


Prego said...

Funny. One of the many nicknames I have for my son is "Guitar Hero" - Along with O-Dog, Rockstar and Odie-Pants Rex.

Here via Michele today.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well let's see.... Here's "ukelele hero," "kazoo hero," "mouth harp hero," "bassoon hero." What are we looking for? "Accordion hero"?

Sandy said...

I think it's a fantastic photo because of Dad looking over his shoulder.

Thanks for stopping by earlier!

Dad, Wanda(G&G)bro's and The Uncles said...

This is a picture to cherish! You are right. It looks like dad is watching over him. And, Indy looks great in it!! As usual! Mr. HANDSOME!
Love you guy's!
Dad,Wanda(G&G)bro's and The Uncles