Monday, January 16, 2006

Once more, into the breach dear friends.

We are again experiencing technical difficulties. Sigh. Indy has another cold. And of course another ear infection to go along with it. This explains what ear infections are, basically its fluid in the middle ear. Its painful and makes for a cranky kid.
We got permission from the pediatrician to give him an over the counter cold remedy. He hasn't been able to use them before due to age/weight concerns. So, his first dose has him ZOOMING off the walls, yelling at the top of his lungs, and having a grand time. It is finally starting to wear him out, and now I just await the inevitable crash. Blissful sleep tonight!


mar said...

Oh, poor little one! "we" had ear infections the first two years, something like every 6 weeks...Get well soon, Indy!

Sam I Am said...

We are sorry to hear that little Indy has a bit if a cold.We hope you feel better ,

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Ossicles? Cochlea? Whatever happened to hammer, anvil and stirrup? That medical book is not very up to date.

Sleep well, little one.

Grandma and Grandpa Wood said...

We are SORRY to hear the sick bug has hit, again!!!!!!! Darn it, anyway!!!!! Does the doctor want to do any test to see why he is getting this over and over? Hope he gets well and the ol' sick bug stays away!!!!!!!!!!
Love Grandma and Grandpa Wood

tlm said...

Your inner ear thing must be spreading... The words on the right side of your blog are shaking like crazy.

Oh man, I think I need to lie down. Pass me some of your meds, indy. :)

Sandy said...

Ah, poor kid. I've yet to encounter a child this year that doesn't seem to be endlessly sick this winter. Ick. Hope he's feeling better soon!

Michele sent me over tonight.

cube said...

Hope Indy feels better soon.

My niece had to have a tube inserted so that her ear would drain properly. She, too, was having recurring middle ear infections.

The good news is this was many years ago & it took care of the problem once and for all.