Sunday, January 22, 2006

All Smiles!

If it isn't one thing it is another. Indy got to go to the emergency room last night. The doctor on duty recalled us fondly and greeted us as old friends. We explained that Indiana had taken a serious "header" into the neighbors oak entertainment center. He was sporting a nice sized bump and a colorful bruise to prove it. I went on to point out that the child had just taken ten years off of my life and at this rate, between Ducky and Indy, I should have expired in the fourth grade.

There were some routine tests, but the results were this: Indiana has passed his first head injury with no real damage. By the time this photograph was taken, just a few hours later, he had barely a dis-colored spot on the left side of his forehead to show for it all.

*notice Indy is showing BOTH of his teeth!


Shane said...

poor lil guy.
yep, furniture and toddlers - not a good combo.

~michele sent me
Have a good week

Romanduck said...

Okay, he should totally get some kind of award for surviving his first head injury! Maybe a nice helmet or one of those giant foam Green Bay Packers cheese chunk hats! hehe.


duckota said...

my head injury was worse a dodgeram bumper and my head put the facts together

deputyswife said...

Hello, Michele sent me!

Those first few headshots are the worst! For a period of time we were on a first name basis with our local ER staff.

Remember, pupils equal and responsive. Also, if the "bump" depresses into the head, get immediate attention!

I hope he feels better!

Sandy said...

I used to think it was a joke when people would talk about child induced grey hair. I didn't have a single white/grey strand to pull from my head until I had children. You can *say* it's because I crossed over the 30-year threshold around the same time, but I blame them. ;)

Glad he's ok.

Grandma and Grandpa Wood(G&G) bro's and The Uncles said...

What a time your little body is having! With all the lumps,bumps and sickies. We sure pray that you are quickly on your way back to being A OK!! And, REAL SOON!!!!!!
Love Grandma and Grandpa Wood(G&G)bro's and The Uncles.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

WOW! Look at those two teeth!!!
How did poor Indy meet up with this piece of furniture???
How do you do it, my dear...Heart Failure, just around the corner!! (lol)
Kiss his sweet little Forhead for me....

By the way...How is Zachery doing???

caroline said...

Awww poor indy...pack him in packing

cube said...

Poor little guy. And poor you, too. Those head bumps are some of the worst parts of being a parent.

Conners said...

My GOSH! I can tell I haven't been here for awhile. That is our little INDY with teeth yet! They grow so fast. I thought it was Zac. LOL
There will be many more bumps and bangs coming your way. They actually got to recognize me in the emergency department when my son was growing up. Boys will be boys...but they are built sturdy. *giggle*