Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thank You!

Marty, the neighbor is home. She arrived home late last night/early this morning. She said that the doctors have determined that as long as the blood does not clot Cayson will be allowed to go home on Tuesday. His condition is known as Hydrocephalus. In the mean time, Cayson is being monitored at Dornbeckers Children's Hospital for any further signs of trauma. He is mostly sedated but when he woke up he recognized his mom and grandma and had a headache. The doctors think there will be no permanent damage! His parents were given a book on future warning signs to be prepared for, and instructions for future care that may be needed up until he is eight years old. But, we are all hopeful for a rapid and complete recovery. His family thanks all of you for your many prayers and good thoughts.

In other news Indiana has new twin cousins, The boy is seven pounds born at 1:03 pm on Jan 20th Hayden Jay and the girl is Aubrey Rain she was born one minute later at 6 pounds three ounces by cesarean section. Their parents are Chris's cousin, Jessica and her partner, Brian. We will be posting pictures of the new babies as soon as they are sent to us.


Surcie said...

Congrats on the new family members! Michele sent me.

Dad and Wanda said...


Dad and Wanda

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