Monday, January 02, 2006

The 26 footed centipede

Caution... If cursing offends you, just enjoy the picture.

There are some toys that appeal to boys of all ages. Unbelievably, this bug is one. Leap Frog puts out this cute little bug with 26 feet brightly colored in yellows, greens, reds, and blues. Each foot is labeled with a different letter. There are several settings. One setting plays a different song for every foot (this is the setting that Indiana prefers); Another setting names the colors, another the letter.

Then there is the FUN setting.

Brother Duck and also friend Daniel enjoy this OTHER setting. And I am just low brow enough to admit that I, too, laughed quite a bit over the antics! This setting makes the letter sound. So when you press the F then the U then the K you should get .... Yeah, you don't. The little bug will giggle and say "that tickles" before pronouncing the K. How, you wonder, do I know this? Because 13 year old brother spent 30 minutes trying to get this bug to cuss. Later that same evening, 23 year old friend (and bosses son) spent 45 more minutes also attempting to shake a curse word loose from the smiling orange caterpillar. Eventually they had to settle for the one curse word they could get out of it (which was Shit). You also can not make it say ass; not even jackass. I should not KNOW this kind of thing. Now, I do wonder, how many of you are going to be in the local department store making the bug say" shit"!?!?!

So, I learned something this week.
What is that you ask!?!
I learned that Boys really are the same at 23 as they are at 13, just bigger.


Zachary said...

actually he is only 22! lol its ok though

Hasan Mubarak said...

That's a Bug Piano; Isn't it??

Well, it must be programmed for this bug not to say such words...

Chicka said...

LOL! We had the one that did numbers.

But yeah, they're all just little boys - their entire lives.

Sam I Am said...

How wonderful ,All the pictures .Indy is starting to walk,
How cool is that You are right 23 as they are 13,Love the music,you will have to tell me how you did that.
We love to try new things out.

Queen of Spain said...

that is hilarious. my husband would have been right there, in that mix

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I think people could get along fine without "swear" words. Blimey and egad seem to cover everything sufficiently. (I guess rats, darn, heck and hoo boy are useful, too.)

Wanda said...

We are sorry that this little toy is being used for what it was not intended to do. Your Dad spent a long time in picking just the right toy for Indy. He wanted it to be colorful,musical and a toy he would learn from. I thought he did a great job in picking it. If you want,you can send it back.We will replace it with a toy more appropriate for your family.
Love Wanda

Anonymous said...

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