Sunday, March 19, 2006


I was reminded today just how fortunate I am to be Dakota's mom. He is a kind, thoughtful, giving guy. Then I was reminded how fortunate I am, period.

here's the story: Today the sad tale of a new neighbor boy came to my attention. It seems that he has come to stay with his aunt and uncle with almost nothing, just two pairs of pants, two shirts, one pair of undies, one pair of socks and part of a pair of shoes. That's all. Nothing else. The boy is slightly smaller than my Duck, so I called him up, thinking perhaps he had some things he had grown out of. I talked to Duck's dad, and just about an hour later there was a knock at my door and Duck standing there with two bags full of his clothes to share with a kid he never even met. I am very proud of Dakota for understanding about those less fortunate than him and being willing to help.

here's the kicker though: I took those bags of clothes to my neighbor for her to give to the boy. She had the boy come out and see his "new" clothes before I left. You could tell he was somewhat uncomfortable, I thought maybe he was embarrassed to be getting things from a stranger, so I told him "hey, you can check that stuff out later if you would rather, its just clothes, no big deal". He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said "Clothes are a big deal when you don't have any. Thank you." I was seriously humbled. This boy of ten or eleven showed me, in that moment, how good my life really is. Both of my sons have fathers who love them and are able to provide them nice things to wear, toys to play with, enough food to eat. I take for granted my closet and two dressers full of clothes. I think nothing of having a rack of movies I don't watch. It seems normal to me to be able to get up and graze in our kitchen full of food.

I will try to remember this lesson, all of us should.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a wonderful story and you are right, it's good to try and remember how lucky so many of us are and that we do take for granted so very many things that others can't and don't take for granted. You raised a lovely generous of heart boy.

keda said...

good story- nice reminder. and very cute pics. well done you.
i'm here via michelle*

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Lovely boy.

Pirate said...

my goal today was to inspire someone. anyone. well you did it to me. what a great and humbling story. Thanks.

Carmi said...

The apple never fails to fall far from the tree, and in your case you have so obviously created a boy with empathy and heart.

I am inspired beyond words.

caroline said...

Everyone should help another if you are at all able to.
I have helped in the past with clothes that were not of use anymore for my children... I think its great that your child has such compassion for others.

It's a great testimony on your part as a mother. Altho we knew it all along!

I shed a couple tears when you told us about how greatful the kid was.

telfair said...

Oh my goodness, that is the most wonderful thing I've read all week. Your son is truly amazing -- please tell him that for me. Kindness is a rare and valuable trait in a young man, and he is a shining example.

He must have amazing parents who have raised him well, to consider the feelings of someone who needed help, and rush to give what he could. You should be incredibly proud of yourself, as well as your very special son.

Thank you for making me think about all of the things I take for granted, and how I can pass along some kindness, the way you & Dakota did.

GoGo said...

This post pulled at my heart. I forget how simple acts of kindness wells up kindness in our hearts. Sounds like your raising some good kids, there.

Good luck to you and your sons!

cube said...

What a touching story. We can all use those little reminders now & then.

Anonymous said...

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