Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Perhaps it is an "Oregon thing", but I think in the last 30 years things have moved well beyond Steve PreFontaine running with the Ducks!! (If you don't recognize that name... CLICK IT! His story of glory and tragedy is worth reading.) Nike has become a worldwide phenomena. Nike under founder Phil Knight has become an Oregon success story, with their worldwide headquarters located in Beaverton, just an hours drive north of our home.

The proof of Nike's stunning success shines through in the example of my sons, who both had their first Nike's before their first hair cuts. The shoes are wonderfully well made, support his growing feet perfectly, and well, they look cute! C'mon, admit it, you recognize that swoosh.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

If I have a fetish, it's for little teeny tiny shoes for under two years old. There is something about them that I find soooo dear; so adorable; I had a collection of them..(WELL, I only had TWO pairs of these cute little tiny sports shoes...don't get worried about me, pleassssseee!..LOL)... I gave up my "collection" about 15 or 16 years ago...but looking at Indy's adorable little Nike's...HMMMMMM. I just might get me a teeny tiny pair of Nike's or some other famous named shoes...

Absolutely Adorable!

Conners said...

Indy looks sooo cute in his Nike's and with Nike you aren't just paying for the name but qualty to go with them.
My son in his mid 20's wears them as well as my grand kids, 3 and 7.
We have a store called Winners (not sure if they are in the States or not), but you get name brands at fantastic prices.
When it comes to kids, you don't want to play around with cheap shoes for their feet to grow properly, yet not everyone can afford name brand. Therefore a store like Winners is EXCELLENT for especially kids as you aren't paying through the nose for something they will out-grow in about 3 months.
Watching Indy grow from his blog is a prize in it's own way. He sure is one heck of an adorable child!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, yeah, but some shine comes off the luster when you realize Pre was driving drunk.