Friday, March 31, 2006

In Motion

We live in a "relatively" small town. Albany has around Forty-four Thousand people living and working in it, so it is larger than many and smaller than most. It was a wonderful place for me to grow up. I have lived here, on and off, all of my life, moving away when the mood struck me, but always returning. I was born here. One of the drawbacks to small town life is that our opportunities for socialization with Indiana are more limited than in larger metropolitan areas.
Our parks and recreation department has some wonderful skill building classes and activities for small children, but normally the age requirement is 18 months. Indiana will be a year old next month. I placed a call to the parks department and am trying to get an exemption for his age. Indiana needs to have a meeting with the program director, and a recommendation from his pediatrician to maybe get a waiver on the age requirement.
Cross your fingers for us!


Cyndy said...

Hi Michele sent me
I'm originally from central Illinois so I know how nice small towns in the midwest are! Nice blog.

Chatty said...

I am originally from the Va burbs of DC. I moved to NH after I graduated from college. The *city* we lived in definitely turned into what I grew up calling a city. We now live in the country for real. I love it. Husband is involved in small town government too. I suspect I will be this town's first lady some day! LOL

Michele sent me. I've been here before and I can't get over how big Indy got!!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I'm okay with that, Mom. (What is that kid doing walking around? He is not that old, is he?)

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