Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I was walking away from the counter at my local Starbucks today, greedily clutching my steaming whole milk caramel latte in one hand and the hand of an impatient Indy in the other when I heard the nasally, nasty voice of an incredibly horrid woman behind me declare to her equal pissy looking friend, "I would never buy a toddler Nikes, what a waste of money to buy children such expensive shoes like that". Now, Indy was the only toddler type in the place, and I had just walked past these two sour middle aged snobs, so I have a fair amount of certainty that the woman meant Indy's shoes. I held my head high as I walked from the coffee house, thinking myself superior to this woman for several reasons. Here's are some of the thoughts that passed through my head on the walk home:

  1. This woman does not know how much I paid for Indy's shoes, for all she knew they could have been a gift.
  2. This woman was wearing Nike shoes on her own selfish feet.
  3. The woman in question was spending 5 dollars on a cup of coffee for herself. 5 cups of coffee would have bought her kid a sturdy, well made pair of Nike shoes (I got them on sale for twenty five bucks).
  4. should I stop and get a burger?
  5. I purchase things for my children instead of for myself. I like my stuff and don't need more. They don't need more either, but it makes me feel good to give it to them.
  6. how rude do you have to be to say something snotty when the stranger you are being nasty about is still in ear shot?
  7. I wonder what kind of kids she is raising, seeing as she has no manners of her own to teach to them.
  8. It isn't his shoes that were expensive! It's this danged Eddie Bauer Stroller that cost a fortune!
  9. Am I going to have frown lines like hers, in a few more years, when I am her age?
  10. What is it with the controversy over his shoes anyways, it isn't like she knows us and thinks I am frivolously wasting my husbands paychecks. As long as he doesn't think I am wasting his money buying things for the handsome sons then she can BITE ME, the jealous, rude, petty B****.

So, this is like the Tuesday Ten, which is like the Thursday thirteen, except it's notTuesday, and there are only ten things. I do not participate in the Thursday Thirteen, but I do enjoy reading other peoples lists. There is no "Tuesday Ten" I was just trying to be clever. Man that lady ticked me off!


caroline said...

Geesh! People need to mind their own business unless it directly effects them...i don't think indy's nike shoes effects her in any way.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hey, Maybe we should start a Tuesday Ten...(lol)!

What is it with people? I mean, why is it her business to criticize anyone, let alone someone she doesn'r even know! And about those darling beautiful Nike's...Where is she..I'll deck her! (lol)

Ben said...

Agreed, ppl need to get a life. You guys have a good weekend.