Monday, July 28, 2008

its time for ten things about ME again!

Yes, that's right... the perpetually self absorbed mother of fabulous sons has decided once again to tell the world (ok the whole world doesnt read this mommie blog, but they should) some facts about herself:

1) I am 34 years old and it took me a damned long time to like myself, but now i do. I am not real concerned about people who dont.

2) I am returning to the world of higher education this fall, after a 13 year sabattical. I intend pursing my RN degree so that i can continue to care for my mother in law as her medical conditions deteriorate.

3) I do not currently have a valid drivers liscence. I didn't miss it until we bought the new PT Cruiser. now i think its time for me to drive again.

4) I am a slacker. There is always so very much for me to do, and often i dont get it done, just because... but thats ok, as i age, the memories of time on the porch with friends and family will be better than the memories of laundry washed and folded.

5) I am currently married to a southern redneck who can backyard barbeque like nobody's business. (i have been married a couple of other times as well, but they couldnt grill like chris can)

6) I go through periods of "obsession". I find a song i like and listen to it over and over, i find a place i like to eat and go no where else for days, i find an author i like and compulsively read all of their work.

7) Contrary to popular opinion, i am not an idiot. i have found the center for my focus and dont pay a lot of attnetion to things outside my mein. it works for me.

8) I currently reside in Oregon. I was born in this very town actually, although i have not lived here my whole life. i did get out, i just chose to return.

9) i cant think of very much else interesting about myself... but i can think of a millino things about my children... go figure.

10) i spent almost an hour trying to come up with 10 things about myself... and had to cheat on two of them, so i think i will now go think about myself for a while. oh wait...

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caroline said...

Those were 8 things i didn't know about you. lol