Saturday, July 05, 2008

Let's Catch Up:

Sometimes, we get so busy in our lives, we just flat out lose touch. So, here's what's been going on in our lives in the last month or so:

My mother turned 60! Thankfully she doesn't read Indy's blog often enough to kill me for this photograph i took of her on her birthday (we went to the Rose Test Garden in Portland and took the train to the Oregon Zoo! The zoo currently has a cool animatronic dinosaur exhibit... Indy LOVED it (yes, i know, his face is dirty, but oh so cute!) And i always love the way the fish exhibit pictures turn out, the shadow and light giving an interesting silhouette: Portland's rose garden is pretty impressive when in full bloom. I took tons and tons of pictures of the roses, but , as you can guess, my favorite has the smiling boy in it: The views from there are pretty impressive, too (our visit was on a beautifully clear day and we saw mt hood and Mt St Helen's in their glory... for those that don't know, St Helen's is the one with the flat top, as she erupted when i was a kid on May 18, 1980)
So, then for a week or so we did lots of just hanging around with friends and playmates. Our wonderful neighbor, Barb, has welcomed her daughter back from California. She comes back with her own Daughter, Zoe, who is 6 years old. Indy still prefers his girlfriend Kaitlyn, but enjoys the attention of an "older woman" as well!
Then, of course, on to the fourth of July. We shot fireworks with the kids in the neighborhood one night (the next day receiving a letter from the landlords that we were no longer permitted to do them in the neighborhood... something about fire and peaceful enjoyment... good thing we did it BEFORE we got the notice, hmmmm)
On the Fourth, we went to the "Lumberjack breakfast" put on by the Lion's Club... It was great food, and good company, as we went with John's parents. It's a very popular event, and soon to be a tradition with us, as this is the second year in a row we attended:
It isn't an easy time for the Leys and Wood clans right now, with the loss of David, but the family is strong and knows how to rally together in tragedy. Karen said that Indy's smiles and laughter help. He loves her; heck he loves the whole family... John's uncle John, the hamburger man; John's aunt Ruth, with the fishes; John's dad, who will swing and run the sprinkler even when its a thousand degrees outside and honestly he doesnt want to; and John's mom, Karen, whom i cant say enough positive things about. For the rest, well... i forgot to take the camera to Duck's house, and Heidi's house as well, so no pictures of Duck and his pretty girlfriend.
And of course today was the memorial for David. Although i stayed teary eyed throughout, i smiled a lot, thinking of what i knew of him, and what others recalled. So, for the last bit of today's catch up post, i want to share a couple memories of a man who's life was cut too short:

My first solid memory of David was a night John and i spent carousing at the T&R. We had actually gone there because i heard an ex of mine was bouncing there, and i was playing stalker. John and i were probably 21 or 22, and we went to the tavern/club there with David and the other cousin, Jeremy. John and i proceeded to drink heavily and ditch David and Jeremy... David never held it against me. Jeremy never talked to me again.

All these years later, David would come by and chat and we would reminisce about this friend or that, sometimes he would talk about the demons in his head, and how he coped. He talked to me about his songs he was writing and the poems he wanted to write. He talked to me about what a great cousin John was to him, and how Kimmie Bishop down the street was like a sister to him. He told me what a "little cocksucker" Jeremy was. (David never cussed, so i sat open-mouth stunned when he said that!) He always called me beautiful, and it always made me blush, even though i KNEW he called all women beautiful. I hope that one day i will hear his song

You see, last time i saw David, he told me he was writing a song for me, and he would come back another day and sing it to me when it was finished. i never saw him again.


'eliyahu ben 'avraham vaSarah said...

Misti - I just wanted to thank you and Chris for coming to the memorial service and sharing some memories of David. It meant a lot to me and my Aunt Charlotte. I'm sorry I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you guys much, but--as you can imagine--I had a lot going on. But again, thanks for coming, paying tribute to David and showing your support for the family.

caroline said...

Very nice pics! Thanks for the updates..
That's so sad a wonderful life cut short.
Great memories will help you get thru it.