Tuesday, July 08, 2008

may you live in interesting times:

So, as i mentioned before, we all who live here were given notices that there were to be no fireworks in our community due to extreme fire danger. The neighborhood parents didn't listen and let their children play with fireworks anyway. Through their negligence and lack of supervision of their children, we had a small fire.
The children (not Indy obviously since he is only three and supervised to the nines) lit a firework that got away from them, scorching the back fence and fire-ing a small patch of running from the back fence clear to the back road. the fire department came out to put out the remaining flames and hot spot or two... Random passersby helped put out the fire on the road side, and neighbors with pitchers of water from their homes put out most of the fire on our side of the fence. It would have been easier to extinguish if our exterior faucets worked, but the property managers deactivated the faucets to keep residents from washing cars and having swimming pools or watering the back yards.

no one was hurt, and the culprit(s) were not formally apprehended, although all the children in the neighborhood are talking about who did it. The day following the fire, after the police, fire fighters and apartment managers had come and gone, all who were involved in talking to the police (again except us) had their cars vandalized, presumably by the fire-starter(s). I assume we were left unmolested because most of the children in the area adore Indy, accept me, and fear Chris's wrath.


caroline said...

glad no one got hurt...or no one's house got burned down.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Heck, I give all the credit to Indy. Way to go, kid!