Saturday, August 02, 2008

a good time was had by all:

We had a GREAT time bowling!

We received a coupon in the snail mail good for a free game at the local AMF bowling alley (up to ten bowlers, shoe rental not included). So, we loaded up into two cars with seven people and off we went! It was awesome, we danced under the black lights, and rolled balls down two lanes for nearly two hours! Anastasia took this video for us... and although normally it wouldn't see the light of day, since i am in it... bowling a big fat gutter ball, it is just so fun of Indy and his daddy that i had to share it. (Anastasia is a wonderful teen-aged neighbor girl of ours... Nate, his girl Volinda, as well as our fun neighbor Tina rounded out of group of rowdy bowlers.)

Tomorrow: the new Italian place in town!

1 comment:

caroline said...

Never seen bowling with a big metal thing to help...That would be awesome for little kids...
Looks like alot of fun.