Wednesday, November 14, 2007

you like me; you really like me!

A very special thank you is going out to Sleeping Mommy for creating this very special award!

Last week, after reading her post on why she had won this very prestigious award (which we can award to ourselves), I decided to share with her my reason for receiving the BM award. Now, I have decided to share it with you all:

Sailor Mouth:

All of our children at one time or another deign to use potty mouth. Our way of handling this phenomena at this time is to ignore it so he doesn't think it is a big deal and moves on. Sometimes it is hard to keep a straight face.

A few weeks ago, as Indiana and I were climbing the stairs, heading for bead, when a large BANG sounded from somewhere below us. Indy, startled, jumped, turned to me and said:

"What the Hell was that!?!"

It gets worse.

Lazy arse that i am, i asked the two year old to get me a soft drink from the refrigerator. Indy dutifully takes off to the kitchen where he retrieves the Coke, slams the fridge with a bang, and returns to the living room where i am. He hands me the can of icy cool refreshment and says to me:

"Here's your Damn soda!"

There are several such incidents, but those two are the funniest. Like I said, sometimes its hard to keep a straight face. So, thank you, I will take my bows now. #1 BM, and well deserved! You Like me; You really like me!


Queen of Light and Joy said...


Sleeping Mommy said...

That's the beauty of this award. It can be won over and over again. I'm quite sure I'll reclaim it sometime very soon.

Congratulations! It's well deserved! ;)

caroline said...

I was laughing so hard when i read this.
I wish i could remember a time when the kids have slipped..but none are coming to me at the moment.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL...That is Hilarious....! I'm very impressed that Indy is old enough for you to ask him to get a soft drink from the Fridge!! My Heavens, they grow up fast....And right before my eyes, too! Very cute story.

K Jones said...

Okay, Dak-Ind, first let me say that your Indy is one freakin' funny kid. My Indy has not done that yet, but is fully capable of it. My kid's name is not really Indy cause my wife has no imagination, so I tried to call him Henry. You know, cause that was Indy's real name. Still no go. The wife claimed she was opposed to a kid called Hank. I then went to using Indiana as a middle name. But the wife loved the name Garrett. And....Garrett Indiana seemed...well...Broadway Fruffi. So we settled on Brady Thomas Jones. But I get to call him Indy. So that I do. I am envious of you.

Bubblehead said...

My kids are always crackin me up with stuff like that.

Thanks for swinging by my site..

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOBE that your Mom has one of Jack LaLanne's Juicers. I almost got one, once...And I don't remember now why I didn't....BUT, maybe I still will...LOL!
I did not know him at all, but I always heard that he was a terrific man. And in fact, that they were a lovely family.

How is the "potty-moouth" boy? (lol)

Smiler said...

That's really funny. I can just picture it too. Kids are like little mimes sometimes, aren't they? Michele sent me to say hi.