Friday, November 16, 2007

thus, the Dyson boy:

Indiana enjoys helping around the house!

Now i KNOW this phase wont last long,

if the teenager is any model.

So, i am taking advantage of it while i can.

We even give him an allowance.


David said...

send him over, we can use all the help we can get

all mine are too old!

very cute, if he vacuums up the cat, send it to America's funniest Videos

if you see michele, tell her I was here

Anonymous said...

Florida Bear seen in River
Busses seen in St. Augustine

Thumper said...

Can I borrow him???

Here via Michele's tonight :)

Jerry in Tampa said...

You will be glad you have the picture - my teenagers never touched a vacuum - at home - now their own houses are spotless!!! go figure!


Hello, Michele sent me.

Jerry in Tampa