Tuesday, November 13, 2007

you call that wind!?!

well, we shut the computer off for nothing. The wind blew a little, a lot of leaves fell, and a few of the neighbors have yet to recover their trash cans from down the block, but honestly... that was it. not as exciting as i was expecting. So, we put the candles away, and the flashlights. The extra blankets are all repacked into the trunk. Maybe next time!


Pearl said...

awww, too bad. A good storm is a load of fun.

Carmi said...

There's something tangibly cool about the anticipation before a major weather event. I'm not talking about a huge hurricane or anything like that - for those, you simply want to get out of dodge.

But when the wind's about to howl, or a lot of snow's going to fall, or some thunderstorms are going to roll through, a certain calm takes over the house as we methodically prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

It's like a nicely boxed drama where you know no one will die, but you'll have a bit of a fun ride all the same. Like a roller coaster.

Glad everything worked out this time. Now I'll return to watching the snowsqualls outside.

Carmi said...

Oops, almost forgot: Michele sent me.