Friday, November 30, 2007

Farewell to a Dare-Devil:

Evel Knievel passed away today.
He was 69.

I grew up watching him do incredible-scary-dangerous-exciting-amazing things on motorcycles. A real "person type" super hero. Sure, some of the things he attempted were just down right crazy, but how often does a fairly wholesome type fellow (hes no saint, don't get me wrong) captivate our jaded nation?

On to a couple of other things:
Congratulations to the State of South Dakota... You are ranked last in the Mental Health Survey of which state is Most Depressed. (probably because i don't live there, hmmmm)
WoooHooo, here comes the weather! The weather-guesser type on the news says SNOW SNOW SNOW down here on the Valley Floor tomorrow! Tomorrow is the Civil War football game (Oregon State University at University of Oregon) ... Autzen stadium is a nice bowl shaped venue... no dome on it. SNOW should make it more interesting. Also, for the Oregon Coast this weekend... sustained winds of 50mph-ish and gusts up to 100-ish! 40 foot ocean swells are expected. This would be an awesome weekend to be in a hotel on the beach!

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