Monday, November 12, 2007

Winds a Blowin'

A nice early-winter wind storm is on its way. (For those unfamiliar with our location.. we are between Salem and Eugene in the Mid-Willamette Valley on Interstate 5) Currently sustained winds here are about 30+ miles per hour. The news type folks are warning of higher winds to come.

This is not Indiana's first wind storm, but this is the first he has been able to enjoy so thoroughly. He is chattering at the leaves as they fly past the window, and giggling at the neighbor's unsecured trash cans and recycling bins as they sail along the back parking area. So, as the wind howls outside our windows, the leaves are blowing, the trees swaying, and the power lines are rollicking precariously. With higher winds expected later in the day, we are shutting down the computer and unessential power using items and battening down for the storm to come.

We pray the only damage from today's wind is a few dented garbage cans.

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