Saturday, November 25, 2006


Indiana is practicing his "Elvis sneer". Indy makes some of the strangest faces. I wish I could capture all of them on camera. Unfortunately, when Indy sees the camera he usually stops whatever he is doing to "pose" with a grin.
Indiana is developing so quickly now. His vocabulary increases everyday. Often we don't even comment on new words now, as there are so many of them coming so fast, it would be all we talked about if we mentioned each word.
He is practicing following more and more complex instructions, with three or four steps. He can usually be induced to "go to your room and get the orange ball and bring it to mama" or to "climb on the wicker box and shut off the kitchen light switch, please" (there are two light switches in that spot, the kitchen and the dining room).
He is having some trouble adjusting to the cold and dark and wet of our pre-winter storms. I don't let him venture outside as often as before. Indy still gets in his quality time with Jack, running the balcony and feeding the birds.

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caroline said...

They grow so fast and it just seems that the time escapes you. Then you look back at photo albums and you don't remember them that small. Or you watch a video and your like Oh yeh you did that.