Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Toga Toga Toga

Once upon I time, I seem to recall my best friend wore her moms best "floral toga" to school. Melody always was an individual. Indy, true to his Aunt Mellie's rebel nature, prefers stripes to classic white.

Actually, Indy is a nudist. Our morning ritual includes a trot around the house in the towel. Literally this is the time for me to chase him in the hopes of pinning him down and getting a clean diaper and some clothes on him. When I finally catch him he SCREAMS until he is clothed and let loose.

Let loose for today he ran to his books and had to read "farm friends" 6 times before he would go play on his own. He visited the Donkey, and he went to his best little girl friends house to have lunch. I got a nice break today as he went visiting for nearly an hour!

3 days until the DaVinci Code! I am re-reading the book so I am ready to see it Friday night!


jennypenny said...

Thanks for reminding me that I have to read the Divinci code! I think i am the only person left who has not read it. I just I in the middle of angels and demons right now so hopefully i will get to code really soon. What an abolutely adorable little guy you have there by the way.

Here from Michele's

Anonymous said...

heh.. I'm right there with you on the DaVinci Code. And I remember that toga.. of course, you don't mention that my mom almost tanned my hide for taking her flower sheets, or that the next year, I wore a silk, powder blue toga... and got in trouble for that one too.


mar said...

Indy is a nudist! how cute! and he is growing so quickly!!!

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

Hmm do my eyes decieve me, or do I see a stripe of purple in that young man's toga? :)

Royal purple was always my toga colour of choice as well.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Is he prepping for the 2018 Olympics already?

Deana said...

I should have re-read the book...I am excited about the movie too. I hope it's not a let down.

Thanks for visiting me from Michele's today.

Anonymous said...

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