Sunday, September 02, 2007

Inny all WET!

This video was SUPPOSED to be of a sweet ocean walk with our buddy John Big Jew, the girl we had with us for a while, Nicole, and of course Indiana. It turned out a little more intense than that. This is Indiana's favorite video of himself, although at the time, he was NOT thrilled.

Everything turned out OK, so in retrospect it is funny. OK, i admit it, i am the one laughing DURING the clip. Yes, I am a horrible person. Indy was never in any danger and the entire clip is just 15 seconds long.

Don't forget to go to the next previous post (also posted today) and check out the ankle injury video. When the sound is WAY up, you can hear Indy (after he says "ow ow") also say "my ankle"! He was NOT injured in that video either, but his brother (who is also in the video) had a sprained ankle and was on crutches at the time. That clip is just 28 seconds of your time.



craziequeen said...

Hey Dak-Ind, coincidentally Michele sent me to see you just seconds after I howled with laughter at your caption on my blog......

Love this, that is so funny - love the way your young friend flees the ravaging waves while leaving the baby with John to fight the ocean......



ps, read down as instructed and chuckled at the dog wrestling too :-) Love Indy dramatically limping away.......

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Too bad Indy is too young to know all the swear words you and I would have muttered after being dropped in the ocean. Maybe I can teach him some?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These are funny Videos...! I LOVE that blogger now lets you put up Video now....That Indy...He Is Something else....Even in that first Video...He looks like he is having fun....I know it had to be kind of horrible at the time, but still, now it's his favorite....LOL!

November Rain said...

HI, thanks for the wonderful comments you left on my blog

My FF browser doesnt allow videos for some reason so I went to my laptop

He is so cute

;) if you ever want to give him away :P