Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, the company is due in about 16 hours and the house is finally ready. The sheet and blankets have all been washed, the air freshened, the fabric of the davenport refreshed. The dishes are clean, the laundry is finished, the carpets are vaccuumed. I don't even know our guest and yet i have been working steadily for two days doing spring like cleaning. I love my husband, and it shows in what i am willing to do for his visiting friend.

The truck had been parked for winter already so we "un-parked" it on Friday for one last fabulous end of season road trip; And also because its fun to show off not only the truck, but the whole wonderful state of Oregon to unsuspecting friends. Anyway, for the road trip, we will be heading to Crater Lake on Wednesday, returning home Thursday via the coast road (hwy 101) as far as Lincoln City (so we can go to Spirit Mountain Casino for a late dinner). We should be stopping at places like Wildlife Safari, Sea Lion Caves, the Oregon Dunes, and etc.
Expect lots of picture updates next weekend.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

That will be great. And your pictures will show the rest of the world why we live here.

caroline said...

sounds like alot of excitment...can't wait to see lots of pics..