Sunday, September 30, 2007

3rd stop: Central Oregon Coast!

What is it about the beach that demands writing? Is it our desire to place our mark upon a landscape (errr oceanscape) that makes us feel so small? The desire to be contected to the vastness perhaps? Indiana has put his own mark on the beach. It shall wash away in the neaver ending surf, or perhaps be blown and dusted away by Oregon's capricious Pacific wind... but never fear, next time, Indy will make his mark again. Random bits of beauty from the Newport, Beverly Beach, and Cape Foulweather areas:Oregon is beautiful, no doubt. The diversity of just a few hours drive is amazing. From high desert plateaus to the vastness of the pacific; from the extreme heights of the cascades, to the fertile Willamette Valley, the multicultural delights of a thriving metropolis (Portland) and the rural appeal of small hamlets nestled in the midst of spraling farmland or cradled in foothills, Oregon has it all.
2 more stops on our two coming up!

On a different note... I love dandelions picked and presented by my handsome mister.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It certainly is a BEAUTIFUL State! You had quite an excursion...! And what an education for Indy...!

You asked about that name on the Album in the upper left...That is not me, it is Betty Garrett...But, my name is in smaller print over on the upper right.
The Actors...(four of them) got Top Billing, the "Singers" were like featured. So of a Company of only six people, as the sinfer-musicians we were treated a little like second class citizens, where "billing" is concerned! (lol)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Well, I certainly get my right and left mixed up sometimes, too!
I didn't mean to sound ungrateful about the "billing"...I was Happy to be a part of this incredibly unusual show, and at the time, THRILLED to get any billing at all...I didn't understood how important "billing" was back then and, by the way, still is.....

Thanks for your very lovely comments abut it all, my dear.
I don't see you as a snpb, at all!