Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6 Things about ME!

So, I sat down at the computer and stared at my blank blogger screen and thought... I don't have a thing to say today. So, I decided to visit my blogroll and hope something came to mind. Luckily for me, Hoss, that old horse-tail snake, gave me inspiration.

SO here it is... 6 things about me.

1) I weigh more right now than I ever have before in my life. Yes, that even includes while I was pregnant. Yes, I have a problem with it. No, I am not actively doing anything about it.

2) I am allergic to marijuana smoke. My doctor, and the one at the ER who (along with a wonderful crew of paramedics) saved my life, said that allergies like mine can develop from prolonged exposure to an irritant. My allergy was discovered at a party several years after I had stopped using the substance. Several Party-Goers smoking marijuana exposed me to enough of the smoke to send me, via ambulance, to Emanuel Hospital where it took over 4 hours to get my heart back into a normal rhythm and to reduce the swelling in my throat enough for me to breath on my own. Some have called that poetic justice.

3) I have been quoted as saying that "if I have another child, I will name it Desmond or Molly" (because the child's last name would be Jones). Not very many people get that joke... Even when I tell them the last name thing. Be honest, do you get it?

4) I knew I was a full blown grown-up the day I had a twenty minute phone conversation about "which dish soap works better as a pre wash for dishes before you put them in the dishwasher" with my best friend. I enjoyed that conversation.

5) I live in my hometown and am happy about it. When I was growing up I couldn't wait to get out. When I was in my twenties I left my small town for the nearby city(s). I tried Portland, I tried Seattle, I tried San Diego; in the end, I am happiest living right here, in the small town I couldn't wait to leave.

6) I like me. There were times in my life when I did not. In fact, most of my life, I did not. I had a lot of trouble coming up with 6 things about me that might be interesting enough to blog. I like that my life is so mellow and even that finding 6 things that other people might want to read is difficult. Too much "drama" is for losers.

(this post took me an hour to write!)


Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

Well, I found it interesting :) I'll have to do the same thing when I have time.

And yeah, "poetic justice" was the exact phrase I was thinking of ;)

But for the record, I'm very pleased to hear that you can finally honestly say that you like yourself. May be hard to believe, but I've had some issues with that myself & am just recently dealing with em (among other things!)

Great post!

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

Oh, and I do get the Desmond and Molly thing (of course!) :)

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

I posted my own "6 thing" to my blog. I tried to keep em entertaining ;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love these 6 things...And they are VERY VERY interesting.....I've never heard of that Allergy Horror...that one can develop an allergy like that to something that you use to partake of...THAT is very scary...And such a serious allergy at that! OY!