Wednesday, February 04, 2009

what we've been up to

It seems like family life rolls along quickly some times. Even without foster children in the home now, my time is constantly in demand. School is going well, or as well as can be expected.

Duck got an award at school the other night, for being just an awesome kid (actually it was for being an intern with the school' child development program). I am just so proud of him. Proud of both of my boys... anyone who has read this blog before already knows that, i guess.
Indy has his own moment of drama. He and Duck were chasing around the house when Indy tripped and hit the sliding plate glass door with his head. He survived it without even a bump or bruise but the door wasn't so lucky. The glass folks will be replacing it next week.
Chris is planning for his solo trip home and for the upcoming visit of his friend, now our friend, Richard. we always enjoy his visits as a chance to sight-see in my favorite state (the one we live in!) I love being able to show off my home. Hopefully i will be able to show Oregon off again this summer, but i do have summer classes that may preclude my participation.
So, all is as well as i can reasonably expect. I'm content with that.


caroline said...

Great Job Duck! Poor Indy, glad he is ok, ouch!
time is sure flying...

Duck said...

ha! someone finally said something about me!!!!!!!!!!1 :)

Karen Leys said...

Happy Birthday Mindi, Misti (what ever your "real" name is!! We'll try to connect this weekend some time!!
Love, Mom