Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School and Golf:

Indy started play-school about three weeks ago.

I didn't say much about it before because we wanted to see how he took to it before we told everyone. If he wasn't ready we would have just pulled him out and tried again next year. Turns out, He loves it! His little girlfriend Kaitlyn, from the old neighborhood (go back to pics of last summer, you will find a beautiful little blond girl... that's her) she goes to school with him. There are ten kids total in the class and Indy is loosening his grip on Katie now and getting to know the other children. So the pic is off Indy, waiting to be chauffeured to his first day of school.

He manfully struggles from bed at 615 every Monday and Wednesday morning for a trip to South Albany high School's child development center. We pick him up around 1230 in the afternoon. This week he will actually be going on his first field trip. The class will be going to see the Linn Benton Community College production of Charlotte's web. The play isn't on a normal school day for him, but he gets to go anyways. Hooray for extra mom homework time for me.

More exciting news from the world of Golf.

We got the call today.

Duck has made it through this round of cuts.

More try-outs Friday.

Keep those fingers crossed, and keeping thinking Varsity thoughts.

We are so proud of him for making it this far through the try-outs.

If he makes the varsity squad as a sophomore, well, even better!


Anonymous said...

Golf? Were all the real, non-gay, sports already taken?

♥Caroline♥ said...

go duck go! at least he shows interest in boy will only play them in the front yard..but school sports he won't do.