Sunday, February 22, 2009

chubby goes to the park:

Lets go to the park... park, park, park, park, park.... YEAAAAAAH park! pose for pictures with my boy... then we can PLAY!OH YES! chase, chase, chase, chase, lemme go! i wanna chase the wood ducks...
Oh, yeah... my boy has the right idea.
feed them, lure them in close with food then :
CHASE THEM! Good Boy! Chase the seagulls... chase, chase, chase.
GRRRRRR, more pictures. I could be in the lake bothering those ducks. Car ride time, it must be time to go home and get my reward...ah, when I am a good boy at the park i get the best treats!
It's great to spend a day at the park.


♥Caroline♥ said...

how cute! It's so sunny and no snow there...*sigh*

Arica Kelley said...

Damn. You are so good with your camera! I'm going to have to learn some techniques from you.