Tuesday, February 12, 2008

headaches, cigarettes and streaks!

this post isnt about Indy, so if he is your only interest here... feel free to move along:

So, i started taking Chantix yesterday. Just took my second pill and printed out my form from the support web site to track where and when i smoke. I have quit before (both times i was pregnant in fact) and once stayed quit for 2 1/2 years, but it wasnt to be. So, i am trying again. This time with a little help. Good Luck to me.

My doc has been having me track my migraines for the last 6 weeks (two more to go on the tracking program before she gives me some kind of relief). The only thing i have learned since tracking them is that my head hurts more often than i thought, but not all of the little aches do i call migraines. A real killer migraine has to last for more than a day, knock my from my feet and require something more than a tylenol. but thats just me. i only call it a migraine when its a killer, otherwise its a headache. I suppose i also learned that the doctor is sadistic, she gives me NO RELIEF from the headaches for 2 whole months. When i go back in after tracking, THEN she will prescribe something. In the mean time i am sucking down every outdated prescription pain killer that i got from the dentist last year and never threw away! hmmmm.

on a lighter note... (pun intended... you'll see)
My husband isn't one of the light in the loafer type fellows. He COULD be one if he wanted to, though... He highlighted my hair a couple days ago, with some really nice red-gold streaks. We used a box from the local department store, and he pulled my hair through the little cap and everything. It isnt the first time he was involved in styling my hair. about 16 months ago i had him cut off about 3/4 of a foot of hair from my head. I never regretted it. So, if Lowe's ever treats him wrong, he has a great career as a "stylist" to fall back on. heheh.


caroline said...

I had my husband pull my hair thru the cap and i think it turned out better than when i get it professional done.
Do we get to see the results?
sorry about your headaches hopefully you will get relief soon.
Take Care!!

'eliyahu ben 'avraham vaSarah said...

Good to hear you're trying to quit smoking. Justine and I tried briefly and failed miserably! Don't let anyone tell you those things aren't addictive!!

And I am disappointed.. when I saw "streaking" in the title I was hoping for some nudity!! ;)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I used to have cluster headaches, cousin of migraines only worse, my doc said. Can't remember all the pills I took, but one thing that helped was pure oxygen, like the kind I take regularly for a different purpose now. It didn't cure the migraines, but it cut the time I had them in half. Might be worth a shot.

Anonymous said...