Tuesday, August 21, 2007

comcast and safety

The "Comcast Internet Tech" fellow came out and "upgraded" out IE to 6.0! Of course we had been using IE 7.0 before he fiddled with it. This meant that we couldn't do several thing we ordinarily did, such as blog, since blogger doesn't recognize such an old version of IE.

So, since i couldn't be in here on the computer i had to join into the neighborhood. That isn't so hard to do when we have such great things going on! We had the 7Th annual health and safety fair in Burkhart park! The local police, fire, and search and rescue folks were all on scene, as well as the YMCA. these groups gave away bicycle helmets, gave rides in one of the search vehicles, showed off the firetrucks, had face painting, and even one of those inflatable bouncer things was set up!

We are so happy to have moved to this neighborhood. We are getting involved with neighborhood events, like this one (we went over early and helped set up tables and blow up balloons). We are even getting involved in helping to reform the neighborhood watch. Indiana is learning his new territory, and although he still says "Indy go home" when we pass the old place, I think he is starting to "get it".


Anonymous said...

lol we had IE 6 now we have IE 7 lol

caroline said...

looks like alot of fun. personally i woul have loved to drive the thing..lol

Louanna said...

Good post.