Friday, July 06, 2007

the HEAT is on!

Summer is a great time to be a kid! You can spin in the grass, chasing your shadow until you fall down in a heap! You can relax and draw pictures on a bench, in the shade, with friends. You can wash the truck, and its still fun because you get to squirt your buddies with water. As the day wanes, the heat cools, you can sit around with your pals and just be a kid.

Do you like Indiana's haircut?


MorahMommy said...

I love the pics, especially the last one. It definitely reminds me of summer. When else can you stay up late and hang out with your friends?

Michele sent me.

Thanks for stopping by my site!

BreadBox said...

Hello, Michele sent me! That really is some haircut! Did he choose it, or did you?


Carmi said...

In words and pictures, you've captured the essence of a child's summer. Brought me right back to my own munchkin years.

Thankfully, we have air conditioning now. God, how I remember trying to sleep in the heat and humidity!

caroline said...

His haircut looks great for summer. He looks like he was having fun in every pic.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

AMAZING Haircut! I love it!

It was good to see your name in a comment on my blog...So happy you came by to visit!

Indiana looks fabulous in his "summer" cut! As huggable as ever!