Thursday, July 26, 2007

this is a really really long post... beware!

We are pleased to be able to follow up on the brief move notice with a legnthier update:
Here Goes:
We are loving the new place. Sure, it is still filled with boxes, but most of them are stuffed into closets to be gone through at my leisure. the new place is much bigger than the old one. We moved up from a two bedroom one bath apartment to a three bedroom bath and a half townhouse style duplex.

Living room ---> Flowing into the kitchen --->On into the "computer room" or den area (this picture isnt the best) --->

then up the staircase (the painting there was done by my mother years ago of Harry Truman and Mt St Helens as she began to blow... it's called the man of the mountain) --->the upper hall way holds four doors... three bedrooms and a bathroom --->

my room is covered in boxes and "the girl" doesnt share her room, but Indy's is at the end of the hall over-looking the park! --->

So, anyways, i love it. Have i said that yet?

On to other things: Indy really enjoys the park across the street and we spend a very large part of our time there... Yesterday the city parks department even held an art in the park event for the kids to draw and do crafts! Today his grandmother (the mother in law) came by with her dog. The other day as we moved in, even Brother Duck got into the park. I am so happy to see us in such a better place. For us, for Indy, and just in general!

So, i gladly return to the "blog-o-sphere" and hope to see all of my blog world buddies soon!


Awareness said...

May your new digs always feel so wonderful and merry!

Congrats from Michele and me!

ps....I feel like I've just moved with the photos.

'B' said...

I am glad that you are back into blogging, welcome!

But seriously, you need to get unpacked !!! (he says that casting memory back... been in new house for 2.2 years andd still NOT fully unpacked) Perhaps I should keep mouth shut, no!!??!!

As to the Mystery Shopping, it is FUN! The majority of the jobs are for the 'Golden Archs', but every couple of months (I am also a VIP within the company) I get to go to the local casino for a nights stay, high rollers room. On all occasions, you get re-imbursed for costs incurred and they pay you on top! For the hoteal stay, it is $100! This is not a scam AT ALL...

Thanks for stopping by, and apologies for the long comment!!

Shephard said...

I've never seen a double-slide before! Interesting. :)

Michele says hello!

PI said...

I hope you will be happy in your new home. It must feel great to have the extra space and it already looks like a home. It's a wise move to leave unpacking the boxes and do it at your leisure. Michele says hi and hopes you will be happy there also.

caroline said...

It looks wonderful, and to have a park right across the street is more than you can ask for.

dkgoodman said...

Be careful about that "opening boxes at my leisure" thang. We've been here over a year and a half, and we still have boxes in closets and stacked high in the garage. In fact, we have boxes that we packed 15 years ago when we moved into our last house that we still haven't unpacked. :)