Sunday, December 17, 2006

Santa's little helper!

Indiana is busy testing out all the toys in the workshop! With just 8 days until the great toy harvest, toy testing is a must.

Actually, Indy is raring to get into the multitude of brightly wrapped packages under the tree. One of the great things about this age is that Indiana doesn't mind clothes as gifts. I got lazy this year. Instead of wrapping all of his clothes individually, I piled them all in a large gift bag and sealed 'em up. It wont really matter, I suppose, what we may have purchased for Indy. When he opens his gift from Brother Duck, Indy wont even SEE the rest of his gifts! He will be opening that gift last!


Mr. Althouse said...

Hello Dak-Ind,

Michele sent me.

Nice shot. It reminds me of days gone by.

PI said...

Here via Michele. How do you manage to contain all that excitement berween now and Christmas Day?

Faira said...

Mindi, I am glad you liked it! I have a couple more pictures I am working on, with Indiana, but I think this is the last Christmas one I will do. Mom

'eliyahu ben 'avraham vaSarah said...

Hey.. you should check out the current post on my blog. I have a feeling you'll find it interesting :)