Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today's post was going to be a nice set about Indiana and I go shopping with my mother yesterday, complete with photos. Instead ya'll get to see this:

Indiana loves his daddy. Our apartment complex has a rule about quiet hours. Thus hours are 10pm to 8am (however the old leases say 10pm to 7 am). Indiana's daddy headed out to work today at 8am. When he left Indy and I were upstairs chatting with Sue (she was giving me cough drops because I seem to have developed a nasty cold). Indiana cried when daddy left. He wanted to go, too. Indiana is not quite 20 months old. Our brand new neighbor, who's children bicker, scream, and fight came outside. The background on this neighbor is that at 6pm two nights ago, the neighbor came out and told the on site manager to quiet down. Three days ago her son tried to pick a fist fight with the little 7 year old Mexican boy from downstairs (he's 11). Last night at 1130 pm her son threw their garbage down the stairs (envision metal cans clanking down the metal steps near our windows). She explained to me that I need to be quiet, she sleeps until noon and doesn't want to hear my kid cry and she will be calling the home office to complain about me. At which point she stormed into her apartment and slammed the door so hard the windows rattled in her apartment and the one next door to it. This woman has come down and borrowed cigarettes that she hasn't paid back. She has been caught digging through the ashtrays in front of my home and the other neighbors' homes. She has lived here since the day after thanksgiving and has not sent her children to school, not even once.
I admit that Indiana should not be waking up neighbors. However, it was the first time he has bothered her. To my knowledge. It was not during the quiet hours (it was after 8am). It is not my fault she sleeps on her sofa directly in front of the window.
Now, what!?! Does she expect her 11 and 14 children to be neighborhood nuisances yet my toddler isn't allowed to cry when daddy leaves him?

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donkey said...

I agree with you on the double standered her children are rude and not well mannered i took her to sign up her kids at 2 diffrent schools i did this at your request with out as much as a thank you from her and all i can say is if she continues to pick on a 20 month old shes gonna get kicked by indys donkey so let me know when to kick her in the head heheheh maybe she will get her mind back.