Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sunny Weather

With the excellent spring like weather we are having I have started opening the front door to let our home air out. I love fresh air! I have placed a baby gate in front of the opening so Indiana doesn't take a tumble out. Indiana is fascinated with the outdoors. He will stand at the gate gazing rapturously outside for hours on end and chatting up any neighbor he sees . Keeps him occupied.

I am thinking about getting a storm door type screen door (the glass kind) so that this summer I will be able to run the air conditioner but still have the door open so Indy can look at the outside world. I don't want to leave the door open with just the baby gate later in the year because I fear flying creatures (like flys and mosquitoes and other icky things) invading our home. Our front door gets no sunlight because we are tucked back in the corner, so I don't think that will be a problem. I just am not in the know on screen door etiquette. That means more questions for the poor fellows at Home Depot!
On a totally side note... Melody, we love you.


B. Scott Leopard said...

Responding to your comment on my website...The problem that I am faced with is that there are two different stories being told, so someone is lying to me about what was and/or was not said. I am not passing judgement on who I believe or disbelieve at this moment. Perhaps this could all be ended immediately by nieghbors speaking kindly about each other rather than spreading nasty little rumors(again, I don't know who is doing this, but I am, for the moment choosing to distance myself from ALL of it).
I lead a quiet life, keeping to myself. I am pleasant to those around me, so my life can remain pleasant and when that changes it rubs me the wrong way, and truthfully makes me a little mean. That, in turn, causes stress that makes it more difficult for me to lead a quiet and pleasant life. It's a vicious cycle that I would like to not have repeated, and there does need to be a cooling period of calm and peace. So, should my name, the name of my brother, or his significant other be bantied around in a slanderous way, I will not be so quick to forgive as I am willing to do this time for the peace and the sake of ALL involved. Rather, I will work dilligently to get to the bottom of what is being done and I will not refuse to take action as I have done in this instance.
That being said, have a great night and I will talk to Chris tonight when he gets to work.


B. Scott Leopard

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love your idea of a Glass Door so that one can still see out but keep the "cool" of the air conditionung in! Great Great Idea!

In rewsponse to your comment my dear M., about Advertising on the sides of buildings...Yes! I realize it has existed for probably century's...but now, with the size of bulidings that we have..the SIZE of the Ads are unbelievably big.
I am tracking this one that I have on this post...watching it grow--today it is bigger yet again--and it appears it will take up the entire north side of that 12 or 15 story building..(Not sure of the could be bigger...)
I will post this amazing painting soon again! All I can say is--OY!

Sandy said...

Oh the glass door! That is my fail safe entertainment. When all else fails to preoccupy my two and dinner still must be made, I open the door and let them stare out the glass until their hearts' content.

Happy Home Depot shopping and even better - Happy Birthday a bit late!

Sam I Am said...

Hey there !!!!
The glass door sounds nice ,And my he is so handsome and getting so big ,

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