Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Michele once asked, in one of her infamous question and answer games, what you call your sofa. Do you call it a couch? Or maybe just sofa? Perhaps you call it something more exotic, like Chesterfield? My grandmother always called hers a davenport. I don't know why.
I think I will just call this beautiful new addition to our home MAGIC, BEAUTY, and GRACE, oh and ELEGANCE!
Indiana, however, has already heard me refer to it as "Leave-Mommy's-New-Sofa-Alone!"
You can't even see where Indiana wiped his grubby, breakfast-y little boy hands on it this morning when he got out of his high chair! It is a microsuede/superfine kind of material. It smells new. I hope my family will understand, for now anyways, they must share my adulation with a couch.
So, what DO you call your "large seating thingy" in your house?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This looks soooooo very comfortable...I'd like to crawl onto it and into it, right now...I might even drool a bit myself! (lol)

Isn't lovely to be out of that cess-pool of an apartment and into this lovely new place with lots of new things! That place sounded very very dangerous! I'm happy for all of you!

cube said...

We just call it the couch. It's old & beat up, but we hate to get rid of it because it is the most comfortable one in the whole world.
Second to yours, that is ;-)

caroline said...

I call it a couch also. my couch is the same kind of material. Just so that my kids did not mess it up i keep a couch cover over it, when i take them off my couch still looks brand new :)

Monica said...

Grubby hands. I have one better for you today.... My 18 month old son just had a case of the poops and where did it end up. On my couch! Yuck!

Anonymous said...

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