Monday, March 15, 2010

an abnormal response

Typically, i don't deign to respond to hecklers. At first, i thought this should be no different, but some of my friends have called, emailed, or left comments replying to the heckler. For those who didn't see it, the comment is still there, but here it is, copied and pasted :

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you also discover that you are completely full of yourself? "oh, woe is me. I am burdened by my great intellect and feel so sorry for the lesser beings in my classes.

You sound like a world class snob

Perhaps i am something of a snob. But i never was a snob about my intellect before, so it is kind of cool to me that someone would think that i am. Usually, especially with my friends, i play down this part of myself. In all honesty, most of my life was spent pretending that i was not as intelligent as I actually am. In the days of dinosaurs, when i was in high school, i often did poorly because i didn't want my friends to think i was too smart and not be my friends anymore. My insecurities were rampant, even if well hidden.

I find it amazing, and i am justly proud of the fact that after all of these years i have returned to continue my education, but now i can be smart, in fact i am encouraged to be smart. My instructors spend time stroking my ego with the giant A's that they continually hand me. I do work for these A's. I do get frustrated that many other students don't keep pace with me; I do my homework, they should do theirs. I read, I study, I learn. AND I LIKE IT.

So, am I full of myself? Yeah probably.
Is that a bad thing? No, not this time.

Years ago, when my ego was fragile and i was so uncomfortable in my own skin, this rude anonymous comment would have probably made me dislike myself more, and perhaps even quit school, tail between my legs that someone didn't like me. Now, it makes me angry that someone who remains hidden behind a veil of anonymity would try to hurt me in this way. I am also strong enough in myself, now, full of myself enough now (if you will), to be moderately amused by the barb.

i also think i might steal the line and make it my new face-book status message, it is sort of funny. Oh woe is me... I am burdened by my great intellect. Muwahahahha.


♥Caroline♥ said...

some people need to get a life...don't let it get you down...

sue said...

hey don't anyone knock you down you came to far for that great job

Anonymous said...

oh please. anybody who reads your blog can see how pretentious and full of yourself and how "smart" you think you are. teaching your kid to cal his uncle 'oncle' or whatever it was is just one example.

also, i think its funny that you say your friend responded to the comment, when there was really just one response that was deleted by you. i bet it was someone agreeing with me. I doubt you have any friends, outside of the internet.