Sunday, September 06, 2009

a few glimpses of our day

Well, you see, it started out innocently enough. We decided that we had been under so much pressure lately that we just HAD TO HAVE a day out. A family day. You can tell how thrilled Indy was by this idea. We couldn't get him to crack a smile. Not one. He wanted to stay home and play with his buddies, but NOOO, mommy made him sit strapped into the car, for HOURS.When we finally got to the very top of Mary's peak everything was grey, cloudy, about 45 degrees and WINDY!! it was tons of fun though, even though we all shivered.Indy noticed that Oncle Nate didn't bring binoculars, so he made his own.Then, he raced Oncle Nate back tot he truck... sticking out his tongue and taunting the whole way!

Well, here's where it gets a bit sticky... I hadn't been the Waldport way (hwy 34) in ages and ages and years; eons really. So we continued along to the beach. Indy loves the beach and was pleased to ride the rest of the way there. He didn't even get car sick on the 40 miles of twisty mountain switch-backs. It was warm and mild and wonderful on the coast:There were jelly fish on the beaches and photo-ops galore, and as per usual... my short hop, just 22 miles to Mary's Peak, became an all day thing and the sky turned red as we come into our beloved valley to end the night.

We love to wander our state, but to come back home at the end of the day... that's what its all about.

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♥Caroline♥ said...

awww sometimes you just gotta get out of the coop!