Friday, September 04, 2009


I must warn you, the following images are not for the squeamish or faint of heart... These photographs are so vivid and graphic, I can't be responsible for any health concerns caused by viewing them... please, if you have a heart condition, turn away, now.
I present here some very disturbing images of the carnage caused by our four legged death machine:

As you can see by the extreme emotion shown by Indiana, this monster is a real felon... he stole our hearts. what?!?! you didn't see the sarcasm coming... you should know me better by now!

Our child (heck, our entire family) will probably never be the same for his close association with the chubby handicapped dog who was given a second chance at life by Waggin Inn Rescue (if you stumbled in here, and are looking for a pet please check them out at )



Anonymous said...

When that cute little dog goes off and mauls your son you may change your mind. Or not. You are pretty stupid.

♥Caroline♥ said...

they look like best friends.

Anne said...

mhn, i'mma kill whoever left that fucking comment about my dog.

he's harmless.
the worst he'll do is eat yur food.

Arica Kelley said...

Wow. Some people's ignorance is amazing every now and then. That one stopped me. And while I am the Mother who does not encourage my children to go near dogs unless the owner is there..Your four legged death machine is my favorite evil animal..