Sunday, June 07, 2009

not an Indiana post:

the difference between men and women (ok, this is a generalization, don't jump all over me)

after three days of intense illness, bodily fluids exploding from every orifice but the ears, vomit, diarrhea, runny nose, tears of pain... you get the picture... when you are FINALLY starting to feel better, like you can sit up in bed without grabbing the plastic bucket that you had to go fetch yourself to put next to the bed, exhaustion in every limb, making it hard but no long impossible to walk from bed to refrigerator for a cold 7up, when the 3 days of body strain and lack of sleep because NO ONE lets you sleep more than two hours in a row without asking you to do something for them are finally nearing their end, WHAT IS THE FIRST THING ON YOUR MIND? i am willing to wager it isnt trying out the new warming lotion that mister insensitive jerk who isnt working, so should be able to do housework or babysit his child while you are ill, but manages to be unable to do any of this, making you GET UP out of your sick bed to vacuum, since your mother keeps coming over to take care of the child and you are humiliated because with three other adults in this house, a husband a brother and a best friend, no one does crap to help out thinking you can do it all, since you only have a part time job and full time school, yeah you want to have sex now. maybe if you lay just right you can see the unmown unruly back yard, where the grass is taller than the famous amber waves of grain and make a to-do list of all of the crap that you have to do on your own to take care of everyone that usually doesnt bother you at all, but when you are ill, you would think just one of these people in your life that you strive so hard to care for all the time could lift a gawd damned finger and they dont and you realize how little any of them really give a great gawd damn about you. excuse the language.

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♥Caroline♥ said...

you haven't said anything that i haven't said about 2,000 times...
(((HUGS)))) i hope you feel better soon, because the world would stop spinning without you :)