Monday, June 25, 2007

the return...

So, i apologize for not posting recently. we had some computer type issues and i couldn't get online for a few weeks. So, lots happening... my mom had a birthday, Duck graduated from the 8th grade and is an official high school-er now, Indy is potty training with a vengeance (we haven't had a day-time accident at home in over a week), Chris is loving the new job at Lowe's distribution warehouse, life is good.

anyhow, this post is just a quick note to say we are OK, and that i have a lot of pictures i need to clean up and post later on today or tomorrow. hope to see you all again very soon!

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caroline said...

computer problems, been there and done that!
congrats to Duck! My son is going into 8th and my daughter just graduated into middle school.
anxious to see the new pics of indy. Glad Chris is liking his job, it's important.
take care