Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 2: Busch Gardens!

There is so much to see and do at Busch Gardens in Tampa that we couldnt do it all in one day.
This is day one:

It seems that no matter how far we get from Oregon, i can always find a guy I used to know... Chris got this great shot of me and the ex (hehe):
What visit to Florida would be complete with out some gators? Sure, the only ones i saw were at zoos and theme parks, but thats the way i prefer it. Busch Gardens has an excellent play area for the little folks called Land of the Dragons. Indy spent a large portion of his day here!Indy rode in a dragon egg, crossed a rope bridge, and found some dragons for his dad and him to fly on:
While the little one rode the dragons with his dad, I got to ride this one:
And of course, what trip to the home of Budweiser would be complete without the Clydesdales? I figured that Sprint the Donkey was cooler though:

Day two of our vacation was full of fun and thrills, some acceptable barbeque (although way over priced) and we returned to Grammy's house tired out but looking forward to the coming day of our vacation... Day Three tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

anither ass

caroline said...

busch gardens was alot of fun when i went, of course that was 18 years ago...i'm sure that it is just as great, if not better now. I'm dying to go to universal studies the next time i go.