Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The time has nearly come...

so, my lovelies, it is that time of year again...
you know the time I mean:
When teenagers bite their nails, parents tug their hair, and the world slows down to a crawl...
that's right! Its report card time.

I know that my teenage son is the smartest, most handsome, athletic, amazing guy to grace the halls of his middle school... Now its time to see it on paper as I await the results of his schooling.

The talk around our home is all on what gift is right to appropriately reward my young prince for his brilliance. A new video game perhaps? A movie for his psp? A few bits of paper currency per A? Now, if he gets crappy grades, how does one reward that? He will, as a matter of course with his father (if the grades are not up to par), find himself sitting on the bench for the rest of the basketball season and never see his beloved playstation, psp, dvd player, television, myspace page, or friends again for the foreseeable future, but what can I do? Make him change diapers perhaps?

How do you reward your children for good grades? How do you punish or encourage them to better grades? How do you handle it as a non custodial parent? (most of my readers know Duck lives across town from me with his dad) How did your own parents react to your grades (both good and bad)? Do you think that today's parents are involved enough in their child's education?

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