Saturday, January 20, 2007

A short update:

Indy is recovering nicely from his cold, the doc gave him some amoxcicillin to take every day for about ten days. We also got dosage recommendations on Children's benadril, for other symptoms. He is sleeping a great schedule now, going to be at around 630 in the evening and getting up at 720 in the morning. He no longer naps.
Indy is up to weighing 26.6 pounds. We didn't get a height.

Duck's basketball team has another game coming up on Monday night!

I got my taxes finished and filed. Just waiting on Chris's forms to come back to file his.

Not much else going on. I finished reading a book called "the Last Templar", which was fabulous if you are interested in the Templar conspiracy theories. The book would make a nice movie.

We watched a few movies, had a few friends over, played a bit of Karaoke Revolution American Idol edition on the PS2.

Chris's birthday is just 8 days away.

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'eliyahu ben 'avraham vaSarah said...

You know, I was really suprised by how much I enjoyed playing Karaoke Revolution with you guys. I was skeptical at first, but ended up enjoying it a great deal (and not embarrassing myself as much as I thought I would [despite what Simom told me!!])

Tell Duck I wish I could make his game (3,000 miles is a bit far to go for a basketball game, even one of his! ;) ) and wish him luck from his "other Mom" :D