Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monster Boy!

It is amazing that someone this cute can be so rotten. I haven't slept through the night in almost a year. I am tired and at the end of my patience. And NOW, Indiana has decided to have a "sleep pattern behavioral problem". Last week he started waking up around 1 am and SCREAMING on and off until around four in the morning, at which time he would go back to sleep until it was time to wake up. I tried everything. Today he went to see his pediatrician to rule out any physical problems. The doctor says Indy is doing fabulous and its a behavioral problem and good luck with it. He gave me instructions for how to handle the next week and if the screaming continues we get to go back to the doctor. On the positive side, he weighs over twenty three pounds now, has no ear infections, and is a startlingly advanced child. Woot, Go Indy!


tlm said...

Hmmm... I suppose kids aren't like dogs, and you can't just give them Benadryl before bedtime, eh?

I know... I'd make a horrible father.

cube said...

Sometimes you have to let them cry. I don't mean for hours, but you can't just run in when they squawk. Just delay it a few minutes each time.

tlm: Benadryl? yes, it's a good thing you don't have a bunch of little lobsters running around.

Chicka said...

If you're sure he's not having night terrors (which they don't remember in the morning anyway, but are HELL to go through for both parent and child), then there's no harm in letting him squawk it out.