Sunday, August 30, 2009

just some recent stuff

i have the camera hooked up... so lets put some pictures up (captions following each pic) :

Last night: Credence Clearwater Revisited... good show (free) wish we could have stayed longer. they have a web site, i would put a link for it, but I'm not feeling THAT motivated.
Four Legged Death Machine... probably only if you tried to take his chair. Oh... this is at the new house, yeah we moved. sigh. long story.
THIS is what happens when we let Nate drive. I know, accidents happen, they just happen to him more than most.
THIS is what happens when we let Duck drive. It's his first boo boo, but his dad said is was 'spensive.
My friend Arica's husband and younger son are nearly as good looking as my husband and younger son.
before we moved, in fact its probably been more than a month since they were here, Arica, her husband, her two sons and her nephew (new son? not sure how they call it) visited and we had a bit of a pool party.

We visited the local version of the travelling Vietnam War Memorial. We did not take Indy to it, as I don't think he is old enough to understand and show the respect this monument deserves. One Day, we will take him to DC to see the real thing, when he is older. I don't know if Anyone will EVER be old enough to understand that war, really.

So, there was some more, but the camera got jostled and the connection was broken. i guess i will just have to do more another day.



Arica Kelley said...

Yeah, it's ok..I know my kid could kick your kids cuteness! Thanks for the pictures though!

Duck said...