Thursday, April 02, 2009

the return and etc

so we are home, and have been for about a week now. we came home to a beautifully clean house, and dinner in the slow cooker... thanks mom. i knew there would be excellent reasons to live across the street from her.

i am back to the school grind, spring term has begun and i am working hard to do well. i think i am well on my way to a successful term.

Chris, well, i haven't said much about what was going on for him. just days before he had to fly to Florida for his dads heart attack and subsequent death, Chris lost his job. so we are struggling to hold on to everything, house payments and car payments and all that crap. sigh.

so, lots of crap happening, just trying to deal with each thing, one at a time and not let myself become overwhelmed. i am being marginally successful at that. marginally.

on a side note, to all of you who knew and loved our blog friend Hoss, we too mourned his passing. i will not be removing his link from my list of blogs i frequent, so if you did not know him, or his wit, hop on over to the old horsetail snake, read his stuff, and say farewell to another great man.

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♥Caroline♥ said...

Sorry to hear about your father-in-law...

did chris lose his job because he went to the funeral? I hope not!

I will have you in my thoughts and prayers.