Monday, October 20, 2008

so much to do, so little time to do it!

So, lots going on for us. Firstly, that small accident i had while playing ball in the park with Duck before i moved... the results of the mri came back today: I have three tendons detached, and since the muscles are not working properly, and i didn't stay off my knee and rest like i was supposed to, i did further damage to my leg, chiefly the fracture of my lower left thigh bone. I go into the orthopedist on the 28th for the next step in my healing plan. I am hoping to avoid arthroscopic surgery, but if the worst happens, so be it.

On the subject of my health... Wednesday the 29th i go back to the dentist for the removal of two upper right teeth (back near the molars numbers 2 and 4) eventually the dentist will remove most, if not all of my top teeth and provide me with either a full or partial plate. The pattern of decay is consistent with radiation therapy side effects, lest anyone think i am just bad at hygiene.

I am full of drugs atm... trazadone for sleep, percocet for pain, vicadin for pain, and cylndamiacin (an antibiotic required before oral surgery... i am allergic to pennicillin)

Ducks health: Brother Duck is allergic to bee stings. SO am I. SO is his dad. So is just about everyone on his dads side of the family. How do we know for sure? His arm, from the tips of his fingers to the elbow is swollen to like 4 times normal size! He will be ok, but they gave him an inhaler and some other stuff and said, holy crap, SEVERE reaction.

On to pleasanter topics... we finalized the adoption of our dog. Bosco is now one of us...

He keeps Indy safe and warm at night!

yet more happening! Our new daughter (well, in some ways we are just so proud of her we could burst into song... like she did tonight at her concert)

We are dealing with some of her issues and trying to make her placement in our home work out for all of us.

And... so of you may know, others may not... I returned as a full time online student at our local community college... current grade: one A and 3 solid Bs.

theres more, but it will have to wait.


caroline said...

Wow...lots to digest there...
How did you mess up your leg?

Congrats on your new "daughter"! Is there some kind of story behind that?

The dog is cute!! He looks like he is taking care of Indy.

Also, Congrats on returning to college and your grades...pretty amazing!! YOU GO GIRL...
I'm waiting to see your new home :)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

It appears to me that the dog is just about set for life.

Anonymous said...