Wednesday, May 07, 2008

i go out walkin'

With the mild weather, and so much to see, we walk walk walk and walk again... maybe mommy can shed a few pounds. probably not.

So, one of this years mothers day gifts that i have already received is a new mp3 player (my dell gave up the ghost). Indy commandeered it for our walk today... he dances when he walks... it is way cuter on him than it would be on me.

There is so much to see and do. the vacant lot of last week is a construction site now... big back-hoes, track-hoes and rollers to be watched. there are ditch diggers around the corner as well! there are ducks to be fed, swings needing swung, dandy-lions to be blown, blossoms to be sniffed and slides to go down: no wonder i am exhausted!

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caroline said...

I used to have tapes and cd's until my daughter took least they are getting more use than if i used them.