Thursday, April 03, 2008

I drive like Oncle Nate:

Indy had a minor accident, giggles, and shouts :

"I drive like Oncle Nate!"
I nearly wet my pants.

Long Live Senor Crash!

(its an O not U in the word "Oncle" on purpose, i prefer the french spelling and pronunciation)


bart said...

hope oncle nate has a crash helmet ;-)
you got a photo of indy using one?

keep well...

Anonymous said...

Oh that's so funny! Out of the mouths of babes huh?
Roland, of The Fretting Zoo, is my next seat over co-worker IRL & I'm aware you're a regular commenter there as I am the one who's scanning & putting up his artwork (he being sans computer at home)
Gloomy was actually on my site before we decided to to TFZ & was drawn partially in response to my complaints about my oldest who is a goth type teenager!

gemma said...

He is the Cutest! Ever! Loved the Easter outfit...and caption.

Michele sent me and I surely enjoyed the visit..thanks.